Community Outreach

Teaching allows many opportunities to explore the application of design for service and awareness driven projects. Students examine how design can promote social change.

Case Studies

St. Francis House

Web Design Studio students developed the information architecture, content and interface design concepts for the St. Francis House website redesign. St. Francis House is a local non-profit who works to engage the homeless in achieving stability, self-sufficiency, and a viable plan for their future by providing a safe, stable environment, access to essential services, supportive connections, and to advocate for changes that address the needs of the homeless population.

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Keepers of the Coast

Branding students developed an identity for the non-profit environmental group Keepers of the Coast hosts an annual Sea Turtle Education Festival and several beach cleanups per year. They have also supported many small education and/or conservation projects including, installing cigarette butt containers at beach parks, supporting the 4H Marine Ecology program, and working with local community groups.

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Right Whale Festival

Branding students developed an identity for the Right Whale Festival. The annual Right Whale Festival strives to raise awareness and lessen human impacts on the critically endangered right whales that share our coastal waters. After the project, many students remained involved with the organization, both as volunteers and advocates of the cause.

Right Whale Festival Logo by Molly Hammond

Additional Community Outreach Projects

Easter Seals

Print collateral and informational brochures were designed to explain the services offered by Easter Seals of Volusia County.

Habitat for Humanity

Posters were designed for various fundraising events and to raise awareness.

Department of Children and Families

Brochures and promotional event materials were designed for fundraising events.

One Voice for Volusia

An identity was designed for a non-profit whose sole purpose was to unify all non-profits in Volusia county.

Theatrifffic Children’s Theatre

Posters were designed for various theatre performances.

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